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Hi, I am Mehedee Hasan Talha

An Educational Utopians

My dream is to be a....

Computational Chemist

I believe that I was born to do something for the world. I love to read. Though I am a student of chemistry, I try to gather knowledge about everything. My passion is to be a researcher as well as a good human being. I also have interest in Programming languages.


Python, Fortran, C++ 70%
ORCA, GAMESS, Gaussian, Q-Chem 75%
Website and Graphics Design 60%


Department of Chemistry

Jahangirnagar University
2018 January - present

The Department of Chemistry at the Jahangirnagar University provides a diverse research environment, which enables students to actively participate in the department’s life, and excel in their studies. Mentored by 34 dedicated research faculty members, graduate and undergraduate students are pursuing basic research projects in all areas of Chemistry such as Organometallic & Coordination Cluster Chemistry, Physical & Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry, Electrochemistry, Advanced Chemical Kinetics, Adsorption Phenomena of Bioadsorbents, Antidiabetic Activities of Metal Complexes, Solid Phase Extraction of Metals, Metal Speciation, Liquid Crystal and Biopolymer Chemistry, Synthetic Organic and Natural product Chemistry.


  • Computational Chemistry
  • Quantum Chemistry
  • Nuclear and Radiochemistry
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Electrochemistry


Learn New Things, Discover New Music

Educating ownself doesn't have to be boring to me. Sometimes, It could be science, the oceans or even horror films. I search my interests on google and become as knowledgeable as I can about my passions. I love to look for new music on Youtube or Spotify by searching for my favorite genre.